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Broadband / DSL in Ireland

Broadband in Ireland is now 50% less with new eircom i-stream starter.


eircom uses a type of broadband technology called DSL, one of the hottest broadband technologies to hit Ireland and quite simply delivers the ultimate Internet experience.

DSL Ireland

eircom i-stream starter is the new Irish broadband service that's been specifically designed for you the home user. So DSL is now available in Ireland for only €54.45 per month on 700,000 telephone lines across Ireland.


And it's relatively easy to install….


eircom i-stream starter gives you hi-speed Internet access - DSL in Ireland will be up to 10 times faster than an ordinary phone line.


Your broadband / DSL connection will always be on - no more engaged tones or repeat dial-ups.


Separate phone line - your Irish broadband connection will let you surf the net and make calls at the same time.


Flat fee - with your DSL connection, you can go online for as long as you like for a flat monthly fee.


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